Management Supervision & Services Provided:
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Household Management:    

A. Supervision  and control of staff , performing household duties.
B. The organization of daily meals.
C. The supervision and service of daytime and evening meals including breakfast  and afternoon service.
D. The supervision of all food and beverage.
E. The smooth running of household routines, such as upkeep of (Log fire, Sauna, Fitness room requirements, and all household facilities). 
F.  The overlooking of grounds and building
G. The welcoming arrival of Clients and Guests, and the supervision  and management of departures. 

PA: Services: (Personal Assistant services before during and after the event)

A.  The 24 / 7 contact availability. (in the event of emergency).
B.  Privacy, of  Clients and Guests is absolutely  assured. Discretion Guaranteed.
C. Special security arrangements, if required (All necessary information must be available with regards to person or persons, prior to the signing of agreed contract) (at cost to the client).
D The arrangement of special needs and requests. 
E. The daily agenda (to be discussed in advance prior to signing of agreed contract).
F. All arrangements prior to arrival on location to be agreed upon, such as: Chauffer driven cars, Ski equipment and special instructors, Airport arrival pick-up or what ever may be required (at cost to the client).
G. All departure requests pr-arranged prior to signed contract agreement.
H. The pre-booking of such events as (Theater, Shows, Restaurants, and entertainment ) (at cost to the client).

Household Services:

A. The 24/7 presence and service of in-house staff (carried out with the utmost discretion).
B. Menus created on a daily bases, by the Head Chef ,or Mr Gordon personally. To the  wishes and desires of the client.  
C. The Gastronome expertise of food combination and handling.
D. The professional preparation and cooking of foods.
E. The Sommelier expertise of wines and beverage. The professional handling and creation of such products as, ( Aperitifs and Cocktails ).
F. The preparation of daily meals including Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Teas or Cocktails and Evening Dinner. 
G. The buying of food and specialist products, including wines and beverages
(at cost to the client)
H. The professional service at each meal, with the expertise and knowledge of a five star restaurant.

Christopher Kenneth Gordon
First and foremost, Discretion and Privacy is Guaranteed
The Ultimate in Fine Cuisine & Private Butler Srevices
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